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What Kind of Damage Can Potholes Do?

Pothole damage is a common road hazard that can cause damage to your vehicle. However, the damage may not be obvious. Say you nicked a porthole, just barely, or hit one straight on. Regardless, your vehicle could sustain some damage. But the intensity will depend on your speed during impact and the pothole's depth. Either way, these damages, whether obvious or hidden, can have long-term effects.

Potential Potholes Damages

1. Wheel Bearing Damage

Wheel bearings can fail following hitting a pothole. When your vehicle's tire goes into a pothole, the wheel bearing jolts, causing a minor indention to the bearing races. If unnoticed, the bearing grease will have turbulence over the area, causing less lubrication. Ultimately, the lack of lubrication will lead to wheel bearing failure.

2. Suspension Damage

A severe pothole can damage the components of your car's suspension system. A pothole can impact components including ball joints, sway bar links, control arm bushings, and shocks and struts.

3. Wheel and Tire Damage

When a pothole hits the wrong part of the tire or wheel, it can cause a crack or bend in the wheel. Additionally, potholes, even small ones, can damage your tires. For instance, it can damage the tire belts and sidewall and cause a puncture.

4. Steering Issues

When hitting a pothole, you can damage the components of your steering system. You'll encounter steering problems, such as difficulty turning the steering wheel, steering wheel vibration, and bumpy turning.

5. Wheel Alignment Problems

Wheel alignment can affect most driving functions, from straight acceleration to cornering. The impact of a pothole can cause steering components to move out of place, knocking wheels out of alignment.
Potholes can be a huge nuisance on the road. Sometimes they can be avoided. When the worst happens, booking a service appointment with a professional would be best. If you need a wheel alignment or suspension repair, give Airpark Auto Pros a call today!