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What Is A Hemi Engine?

If you have ever heard of a Hemi engine, you probably only know that it's put in the fast muscle and race cars or something along the lines. Well, partially true it's also used in a lot of other vehicles. That's because it pushes a lot of horsepower while being just like a normal engine - with a slight change hinted at in its name. Read along to find out what Hemi stands for and its pros and cons.

Hemi Engines Explained

The Hemi or Hemispherical V8 engine differs from all other engines with its cylinders' shapes. The top of the cylinders is a flattened hemisphere at the center, which is a spark plug, fuel/ air injectors, and an exhaust valve. This particular shape provides a much lower loss of heat, therefore, more power. 

The first Hemi engines were equipped with hemispherical cylinders, which were not that good. That's why today's Hemis have a flatter cylinder design than their predecessors. The first one was introduced in 1953 on the Dodge Red Ram, following the design of the 1951 Chrysler Hemi engine.
Nowadays, it can be seen in the faster and more unique versions of the Challenger and Charger.


Reliability - While the Hemi engines might cost a little bit more, they make up for it in their lifespan. They are built to withstand the extra power it provides because there is no point in having a speed machine that is stuck in the repair shop.
Power - With the unique cylinder design and big displacement, it's destined to make a lot of power. An advantage we can prove by the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, which is one of the fastest production cars available on the market.
Fun-Factor - Every car geek and reviewer online can't deny the fact that Hemis are fun to drive. You have a lot of torque and horsepower right on your foot. Not only that, but the car itself is made with fun in mind.


Cost - A car that has a Hemi engine normally goes for more money than its competitors, making it seem expensive at first - on the other side maintenance and repairs are affordable.
Fuel Mileage - Expecting good fuel mileage from a V8 Hemi is nonexistent. This big engine likes fuel, a lot of fuel.
Weight - The engine block and extra durability put in the frame make a car with a Hemi heavier, but it's all worth it.
Two valves per cylinder - The different shape of the cylinder doesn't allow for extra valves inside, which limits it to a certain extent. 

Hemi engines differ from their competition by power output, cylinder shape, and durability. If you are looking for a fun ride, take a look at a few domestic made Hemi vehicles - and in many cases they are cheaper to repair and maintain. 

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