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Signs That You Need a Coolant Flush

To drive smoothly and seamlessly, your car’s engine needs to stay at a stable temperature range. To make that happen, a fluid called coolant/antifreeze gets pushed throughout the engine to regulate the temperature. Unfortunately, the coolant doesn't stay effective forever. Over time, contaminants and grime can build up in the cooling system. A coolant flush can solve this problem and protects the engine from corrosion, keeping it in the best shape possible. Besides a simple inspection, how can you tell when you need a coolant flush?

Low Coolant  

You can pop open the hood and visually check your coolant levels. If the fluid looks too low, you may have a leak. Be sure to check if any bright-colored fluid is around or under your vehicle. We can also check for you when bringing your vehicle into Airpark Auto Pros.

Bad Coolant Quality 

Another sign that may trigger a need for a fluid flush is if you find the coolant to be contaminated or discolored. 

Engine Overheating

If your car is constantly on the brink of overheating, it may be due to insufficient coolant. The engine works under very hot conditions. Without a clean flow of coolant, it can eventually overheat and cause irreversible engine damage.