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Vehicle Disinfecting

Technicians will disinfect the interior of your vehicle using a Commercial Grade, Electrostatic ULV fogger as recommended by the CDC and the EPA.


About our Electrostatic ULV Fogger

  • Commercial grade - the same type of ULV fogger as hospitals, airlines and hotel with droplet size of 0-50 microns.
  • The CDC and EPA recommends Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets below 50 microns to effectively disinfect and kill the Coronavirus, which is what we use on your vehicle - not a regular mister, fogger, sprayer or home version. 
  • We use an Electrostatic Sprayer which positively charges the particles so that the disinfectant surrounds surfaces for 360-degree coverage to effectively kill the virus. See video below to learn more.

About our Disinfectant

  • We us CDC recommended and EPA approved 500PPM Hypochlorous Acid which is highly effective to kill the Coronavirus.
  • Our disinfectant is medical grade by HypoCleanse and is safe around children and food.
  • Hypochlorous Acid occurs naturally in the human body. It is the substance that our own white blood cells use to keep us healthy without harming the body. It 100 times stronger than bleach without the dangers to humans and surfaces.
  • Medical grade Hypochlorous Acid contains no harsh chemicals, no alcohol, and no volatile organic compounds (no harmful fumes) It is safe for use in rooms occupied by food, children, patients or elderly adults.

About our Procedure


Technicians will use the commercial grade Ryobi PSP02K disinfectant fogger to apply a thin coat of the ULV disinfectant on the high-touch surfaces of your vehicle, including steering wheel, door handles, shifters, buttons, seats, seat belts, and door panels.