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Heat and A/C Filter Replacement

Replace your heat and A/C air filter to allow air to flow freely, reduce odors, and filter allergens, bacteria, viruses and germs. A 36-point vehicle inspection with details, photos or videos of any issues can also be provided at no additional charge.

Cabin Air Filter | Airpark Auto Pros


Heat and A/C Filter - AKA Cabin Air Filter

The heat and A/C filter, usually referred to as the Cabin Air Filter is usually located under the hood, near the windshield or under the vehicle's dashboard, near the glove box. It filters the air as it is drawn in by the blower motor. The filter mechanically filters dirt, germs, viruses, allergens and particles entering the cabin of the vehicle. It also contains a layer of carbon that filters out unpleasant odors. A cabin air filter that is dirty and clogged will decrease the flow of air through the air vents. Over time, the cabin air filter can degrade and allow dirt, germs, viruses and allergens to blow through your heat and A/C systems.